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VOC - Safe Harbor Products

VOC Compliant Specialty Chemicals

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QuestSpecialty has developed a number of product alternatives to meet the growing demand for balancing environmental concerns with performance.

Our "Pathways" VOC Program suggests the most useful specialty products that comply with the most stringent state VOC regulations and are well below the Safe Harbor levels as identified in CA Prop 65.

These products replace those with highly volatile materials such as chlorinated solvents, petrochemicals and known carcinogens.



RESCUE Foaming Soy-d-Limonen Degreaser

2090 RESCUE Foaming Soy/d-Limonene Degreaser

Removes/dissolves grease, ink, dyes, glue, oils, latex, wax, etc.

GREENSCAPES Cleaner /Degreaser

2650 GREENSCAPES Cleaner / Degreaser

Heavy-duty cleaner/degreaser is safe on most surfaces.

EPA Safer Choice

GREENSCAPES Concentrated Neutral Cleaner

2720 GREENSCAPES Concentrated Neutral Cleaner

Biodegradable concentrate for removing grease, food stains, lipstick, soot and more.

EPA Safer Choice


GREENSCAPES Oxygenated Cleaner / Degreaser

2980 GREENSCAPES Oxygenated Cleaner/Degreaser

Concentrated hydrogen peroxide-based cleaner, degreaser.

EPA Safer Choice


d-GREAZ Organic Solvent degreaser

5000 d-GREAZ Organic Solvent Degreaser

48,000 volt dielectric strength degreaser; USDA authorized for use in federally inspected meat/poultry plants.

TAR BLITZ Soy Solvent degreaser

5080 TAR BLITZ Soy Solvent Degreaser

Highly effective solvent derived from natural soybeans and citrus. Use in machine shops, industrial plants, auto.

TOUGH GUY Super Concentrated Degreaser

5230 TOUGH GUY Super Concentrated Degreaser

Emulsifies tar, asphalt, bitumen, and asphalt base cements and monoform roofing compounds.

CRASH Heavy Duty Foam Degreaser

5200 CRASH Heavy Duty Foam Degreaser

Ultra-dense, fast-breaking foam works immediately to blast away grease, grime, oil.

5050 AFD

5050 A.F.D. Citrus-Based Water Soluble Degreaser

High pressure, water soluble degreaser flushes away grease, tar, and asphalt from hard surfaces. Pleasant citrus fragrance. No petroleum distillates.


HI POINT Industrial Degreaser

6008 HI POINT Industrial Degreaser

Industrial degreaser for use where a high flash point is required or extended contact time is necessary.



MC-FREE Dry Moly Film Lubricant

5210 MC-FREE MOLY Dry Film Lubricant

Methylene Chloride-free. Superior, long-lasting performance in molybdenum and graphite anti-seize dry coating.

GENESIS Penetrating Lubricant

5330 GENESIS Penetrating Lubricant

Loosens corrosion-frozen parts, protects from renewed corrosion. Protects from moisture.

MR MECHANIC Light-Duty Lubricant

5340 MR. MECHANIC Light-Duty Lubricant

General purpose lubricant provides four-way action: cleans, lubricates, penetrates, and prevents rust.


LEFT HOOK Electronic Cleaner

5250 LEFT HOOK Electrical Contact Cleaner

High purity, hi- dielectric, rapidly evaporating, non-flammable electronic part cleaner. No citrus oil.

UPPER CUT Electrical Contact  Degreaser

5240 UPPER CUT Electrical Contact Cleaner

Specially formulated for removing oil, grease, condensation, dust from sensitive electronic parts.

PCA II Precision Electronic Cleaning Agent

5489 PCA II Precision Electronic Cleaning Agent

Cleans grease, oil, dirt, moisture and flex from circuit boards, motors, film, relays, ignition switches and other precision equipment. Safe on most plastics.