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Minimum Risk Pest Control
Bed Bug White Paper
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QuestSpecialty Newsletter Archive

QS TIMES: Quarter 3 - 2017

Articles include: New Minimal Risk Pest Control Product Line; Avoiding the Germs; Importance of Proper Surface Cleaning; Time to Hit the Slopes; Tackle Video; Distributors-Top Reasons for Customer Business


QS TIMES: Quarter 2 - 2017

Articles include: When and Where to Use NSF Products; Getting Stuck with the Right Adhesive; Non-Flammable, Walk-in Freezer Cleaning: No Defrosting!; Profit Through Bundling: Floor Equipment Maintenance Specialty Products; Distributor Survey Shows Healthy Percentage of Sales in Lubricants


Newsletter Q1 2017

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Newsletter: Quarter 1 - 2017

Cover Story: Prepare for Asphalt Season!
Asphalt resurfacing can be a messy business ... read about how QuestSpecialty helps keep it clean with specialty products.

Spray-Applied Jelled Deodorants = Odor Control Solutions for Unique Situations
Jelled deodorants are ideal for areas where dispensers are undesirable or won't work, such as outdoor recreation restrooms, state parks, summber camp cabins, nursing home private bathrooms, and more.
New Products!
Check out our six new products!

Newsletter Q4

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Newsletter: Quarter 4 - 2016

Cover Story: The 4-1-1 on Disinfectants with Fogging Uses
Disinfectants with fogging capabilities are great to getting into hard-to-reach areas for additional disinfecting power. Read about the benefits and applications.

Microbial Identification is Key to Propoer Disinfecting
Check out our Microbial ID chart to easily match up scientific names of microbes and the common names or infections associated with them.
Matting Matters for Wrestling Season
Check out these specialty products which wrestling program can use to "keep it clean" on and off the mat.
Facility Drain Maintenance
Good drain maintenance programs help to save time and money. Check out what should be included in a good program.

Grounds Maintenance: Winter

See our quick check list of specialty chemical products for grounds maintenance during the winter.

Newsletter Q3

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Newsletter: Quarter 3 - 2016

Cover Story: Working Safely Around Wasps
Learn about the differences between wasps and the proper insecticides to eliminate their hazard for outdoor workers.

Avoiding nPB in PCBs
Stay safe when cleaning Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) by using these non-nPB (1-Bromopropane) products.
Back to School - Cafeteria Time!
Check out these products for foodservice venues.
Faster, Better Leak Detection = Peak Performance
Circumvent the problems trying to locate regrigeration system leaks when using electronic detectors, ultrasonic detectors, and ultraviolet dyes by relying on this soap-based liquid leak detector.

Carbon-Off Video

QuestVapco Newsletter 2015-Q3

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Newsletter: Quarter 2 - 2016

Cover Story: "Pathways to Profits" Summer Foodservice Venues
Don't miss the opportunities found in providing specialty chemicals to customers serving food, coffee, concessions and snacks. Check out these six important specialty products for foodservice as operations move outdoors for summer.

Killing Insecticide Resistant Bed Bugs
Download our free white paper on "Killing Bed Bugs with Insecticide Resistance: The Difference between Neurotransmitter Chemicals and Mechanical Killing Agents."
Ice Machine Safety for Summer Months
Poor ice machine maintenance can lead to illness. Follow these steps for practicing best practices for cleaning and sanitizing ice machines.
Outdoor Worker Preparedness
Check out our safety specialty products to keep workers safe during outdoor activities, including repellents approved by the FDA for effectiveness against Zika-carrying mosquitoes.

QuestVapco Newsletter 2015-Q3

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Newsletter: Quarter 1 - 2016

Cover Story: We are now QuestSpecialty!
Our new company name better reflects our expertise in specialty chemicals. As competition from online big boxes has increased, the significance of providing specific specialty chemicals to meet particular departmental needs has also increased.

"Pathways to Profits" Winter Grounds Maintenance
Check out these six important specialty products for the winter months.

New Year Scents
Jump start productivity in 2016 with air freshening scents from QuestSpecialty which boost brain power, reduce anxiety, and increase retail sales.

Killer Promotion!
Don't miss our killer promotion on featured insecticides.

Addressing Winter Flooring Woes
Specialty chemicals aer ideal for addressing the abuse piled on flooring during the winter.