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5290 GALAVANT Silver Galvanize Coating*

GALAVANT is designed to protect iron and steel surfaces from rust and corrosion. Its high zinc content assures maximum protection on metal surfaces. Dries quickly to a hard film containing 67% zinc dust.


May be painted or left as final BRIGHT metal coating. Provides two way protection, first with the high zinc content protective coating, secondly with true galvanic action. Galvanic action is effective when surface is scratched or broken and moisture is present. Easy to apply.

Compares to a hot dip galvanize when applied as a 3 mil thickness. Formulated for use in presence of moisture, salts and acids.


Areas of use include automotive, marine, farm equipment, damaged galvanized surfaces, pipes, heavy equipment, refineries, metal chain fences, highway maintenance, gutters, bridges, transmission towers, structural steel & corrugated metal buildings.


*Private Label Only


12 - 16 oz. cans/case, 14 oz. net weight
H-1, F-3, R-1, P-A



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