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3770 FIESTA CUCUMBER MELON Jelled Deodorant

Cucumber Melon JelledFIESTA CUCUMBER MELON Jelled Deodorant is designed to be used anywhere offensive odors are a problem. The clinging gel allows product to be applied on horizontal, vertical, and irregularly shaped surfaces.

Its slow releasing formulation continuously provides fragrance for extended periods of time. Then, the gel will totally evaporate. Reapply as necessary. Ideal for use on hard, non-porous surfaces.


Spray on air conditioners, above doors, in trash recpetacles and dumpsters, on walls, in port-a-toilets, above ceiling fans and behind toilets.


Counteracts odors caused by tobacco, garbage, animals, and cooking as well as odors found in bathrooms, locker rooms, kitchens, drains, trash cans, dumpsters, and port-a-toilets.


• Jelled formula clings to vertical and irregularly surfaces
• Slow releasing fragrance lasts longer than regular deodorant sprays
• Non-staining gel evaporates completely
• Meets all current VOC standards


12-20 oz cans per case, 15 oz net weight

H-1, F-1, R-0, P-A


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