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2031 NU-VIEW Concession & Food Equipment Cleaner

Nu-View pixNU-VIEW is a powerful, non-toxic degreasing foam that clings to vertical surfaces, making clean up safe, effective and more efficient than conventional liquid cleaners and degreasers. Remains on surfaces until dirt and grease are wiped away. Removes cooking oils, grease, sugar, starch and protein residues, and baked on carbon. Eliminates oxidation odors. NSF Listed A1.


Cleans all types of food equipment, such as popcorn poppers, steamers, hot dog boilers, nacho chip warmers, stoves, slicing machines, and soft servers. Safe on plexiglass, formica, aluminum, stainless steel, painted metals and plastics, acrylics and chrome.


* Private Label Only: 2030 Nu-View Concession & Food Equipment Cleaner: 12- 20 oz. cans/ case, 18 oz net weight

6 - 20 oz cans /case, 18 oz net weight
H-1, F-1, R-1, P-B



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