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NSF Products

VOC Compliant Specialty Chemicals

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U.S. health departments, end users, and buyers often specify NSF-rated products as a pre-requisite for purchase. Prior to NSF ratings, the USDA classified and authorized the use of non-food compounds, such as clenaing products and lubricants.


Purchasing products with either a NSF rating or USDA authorization ensures the user the products have been evaluated and tested, and comply with public heath standards.


QuestSpecialty offers a variety of NSF rated and USDA authorized products for cleaning and lubrication in venues demanding NSF standards ... from food processing to pharmaceutical manufacturing.


NSF Full Product Borhcure


NSF A1 General cleaners


2031 NU-VIEW Concession & Food Equipment Cleaner

Powerful, non-toxic degreasing foam cleans food equipment. Safe on plexiglass, formica, acrylics, aluminum & more.


Compare to: Claire Concession Cleaner

Main Event

5260 MAIN EVENT Food Surface Cleaner / Degreaser

Water-based foaming degreaser safe for food contact surfaces. Removes heavy grease from chains, cables, parts, equipment.


Compare to: Kent Foam Cleaner

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Glacier Clean

6664 GLACIER CLEAN Heavy Duty Freezer Cleaner

Cleans & de-ices all cold storage and freezer areas.

Compare to: Diversey Freezer Floor Cleaner

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Meat Conveyor Belt

Link Wise

5270 LINK WISE Food Grade Semi-Synthetic Chain Lube

Combination of synthetic lubricants & mineral oil for use on conveyor chains, packaging equipment, food service carts, etc.

Compare to: CRC Chain Lube


Pen Ease

5280 PEN EASE Food Grade Penetrating Oil

Light, clean quick penetrant for long-lasting lubrication, rust prevention.

Compare to: CRC Food Grade Penetrating Oil


Slide Out Silicone Spray

5380 SLIDE OUT Dry Silicone Spray Food Grade

Concentrated, dry, pure silicone film. No sticky residue, safe for plastics.

Compare to: JAX DryGlide Food Grade Silicone

Purity Food Grade Lubricant

5400 PURITY Food Grade Lubricant & Protectant (aerosol)

Sanitary lubrication of food processing equipment. Silicone-free.

Compare to: Arvoe Crown Food Grade Machinery Oil

** Also available in liquid: 6220 PURITY

EZ Lube Food Grade

5770 EZ LUBE Food Grade White Grease (aerosol)

Superior metal-to-metal characteristics. Lubricates, reduces friction & wear.

Compare to: Sprayon White Food Grade Grease


** Also available in cylinder tube: L108 EZ LUBE

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